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What is First Timers Only?

First Timers Only” is a fantastic initiative designed to help new contributors find projects that are especially welcoming to first-time contributors. This initiative is a crucial stepping stone for those who are new to the world of open source, offering a supportive environment to ease them into their first contributions. One of the standout features of “First Timers Only” is its emphasis on creating a friendly and inclusive community. Projects that participate in this initiative are committed to providing a positive experience for newcomers, offering encouragement and constructive feedback. This supportive atmosphere helps new contributors build confidence and feel valued as they embark on their open source journey. “First Timers Only” projects often tag certain issues as beginner-friendly, making it easier for newcomers to find tasks that match their skill level. These issues are typically well-defined and come with clear instructions, reducing the intimidation factor that often accompanies first-time contributions. By focusing on these manageable tasks, new contributors can gain practical experience and gradually build their skills.

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