Chrome plugin to block porn like an RPG


What is Mr.NoFap?

Mr.NoFap, a response to the pervasive influence of pornography in our society, emerges in the year 2020. In an era where explicit content is ubiquitous, our society grapples with the challenges of navigating a highly sexualized environment. The prevalence of explicit scenarios in pornography has the potential to distort our expectations of real-world intimacy. Enter Mr.NoFap, a Chrome plugin designed to address these concerns. Functioning as a protective barrier, this plugin goes beyond mere content blocking; it serves as a tool for personal enhancement. By blocking access to explicit content, Mr.NoFap not only shields users from the negative impact of excessive pornography but also facilitates the cultivation of a healthier perspective on intimate relationships. In addition to its primary function, Mr.NoFap introduces a unique element – the concept of leveling up your avatar. This gamified approach adds an engaging dimension to the process, turning the pursuit of a porn-free lifestyle into a personal quest for self-improvement. Through this innovative combination of content blocking and avatar enhancement, Mr.NoFap aims to empower users to reclaim control over their digital experiences and foster a more positive and realistic approach to relationships.

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