Carta stands as a pivotal platform in the corporate world, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to assist companies in effectively managing equity, investments, and ownership structures. With its suite of intuitive tools and sophisticated technology, Carta streamlines the often complex processes associated with equity management, enabling companies to navigate the intricate landscape of ownership with ease and precision. At the heart of Carta's offerings is its equity management software, which empowers companies to efficiently track and manage equity issuance, ownership stakes, and cap tables. By providing real-time visibility into equity ownership and dilution effects, Carta enables companies to make informed decisions regarding equity distribution and allocation, ensuring fairness and transparency for all stakeholders. Moreover, Carta's platform goes beyond mere equity management, extending its capabilities to encompass investment management as well. Through its robust investment tracking features, Carta enables companies to monitor their investment portfolios, track performance metrics, and analyze investment trends with unparalleled accuracy. This functionality proves invaluable for companies seeking to optimize


What is Pulley?

Pulley stands as a dynamic platform meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of startups, providing invaluable assistance in the intricate realm of equity compensation management and optimization. With a keen understanding of the pivotal role equity plays in the growth trajectory of emerging ventures, Pulley endeavors to empower startups with the tools and insights necessary to navigate this terrain with confidence and precision. At its core, Pulley is driven by a steadfast commitment to simplifying the complexities surrounding equity compensation, recognizing that for many startups, effectively managing equity is not just a matter of administrative convenience but a strategic imperative. By offering a comprehensive suite of features and resources, Pulley equips startups with the means to design, implement, and

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