The minimalistic but flexible static site generator.


What is SSGO?

ssgo represents a versatile and minimalist static site generator meticulously crafted using Deno, the secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. As a dynamic tool in the web development arsenal, ssgo seamlessly merges HTML templates and data to fashion fully functional HTML web pages, all while embracing simplicity and flexibility as its guiding principles. At its core, ssgo operates as a conduit between HTML templates and data sources, effortlessly transforming these components into cohesive web pages that captivate audiences with their sleek design and seamless functionality. Through its minimalist approach, ssgo ensures that developers can focus on crafting compelling content without being burdened by unnecessary complexity. One of ssgo’s standout features is its robust support for components, empowering developers to modularize their code and foster code reusability for enhanced efficiency and maintainability. With ssgo, developers can effortlessly create and manage components to streamline their development workflow and build scalable and maintainable static websites. Furthermore, ssgo boasts native support for TypeScript, offering developers a familiar and powerful language for building robust and type-safe web applications. By embracing TypeScript out of the box, ssgo provides developers with the tools they need to write cleaner, safer, and more maintainable code, ensuring a seamless development experience from start to finish. In summary, ssgo stands as a testament to the power of simplicity and flexibility in static site generation, offering developers a minimalist yet highly capable tool for crafting stunning and functional websites with ease. With its support for HTML templates, data handling, components, and TypeScript, ssgo empowers developers to unleash their creativity and build exceptional web experiences that leave a lasting impression.

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