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What is Telegram?

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app known for its focus on speed and security. Telegram allows you to access your messages from multiple devices simultaneously. Your chat history is stored in the cloud, so you don’t lose your messages if you switch devices or reinstall the app. For users seeking additional security, Telegram offers Secret Chats that use end-to-end encryption. These chats can be set to self-destruct after a specified time and cannot be forwarded.Large Group Chats and Channels Telegram supports large group chats of up to 200,000 members and channels for broadcasting messages to an unlimited number of subscribers. This makes it a powerful tool for communities and businesses to communicate with a large audience. Telegram has a robust API that allows developers to create bots for various tasks, from automating customer service to providing notifications. Users can also create custom themes, stickers, and use extensive customization options to personalize their experience.

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